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Our Revolver with Tequila Blanco Silver is a symbol of brave mexicains fighting for freedom. This Revolver is created to commemorate that
the Mexican Revolution took place one hundred years ago. Made from blue agave Hijos de Villa Tequila Blanco Silver is a product with
distinction and originality. It comes in numbered and limited edition. Tequila Hijos de Villa Blanco Silver is distillate in Jalisco the origin of
tequila and certified by the highest authority, Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT). Strong and pleasant flavor, characteristic of agave, Hijos
de Villa Tequila Blanco Silver is hand made and presented in an original box for collectors.
This limited edition tequila is made with quality, prestige and tradition to honor the Villanueva-Barragan family, owners of Licores Veracruz. This pistol symbolizes the family's courage, respect and pride. Hijos de Villa tequila represents the Mexican family in the revolutionary era.