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Our Price: $49.99
Our Price: $29.99
Vintage: 1999 Category: Sauvignon Blanc Region: Golan Heights Country: Israel Color: White Kosher Appellation Made with vodka infused with Coconut and tropical flavors.Distilled exclusively from fine French grapes (specifically mauzac blanc and ugni blanc) grown in the Cognac region. This fruit produces a wine using cold-fermentation. Ciroc is then distilled five times to produce this exquisitely smooth, fresh vodka."
Hennessy VS Cognac 750ml STERLING MERLOT 2005 750ML
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Hennessy VS Cognac 750ml STERLING MERLOT 2005
Hennessy VS Cognac 750ml - Hennessy VS is a blend of over 40 eaux de vies from the four premier growing regions of Cognac. Beautiful golden color with a fruity sweetness and a hint of vanilla in the finish.
Hennessy Cognac Black 750ml Martini & Rossi MOSCATO ASTI 750ML
Our Price: $42.99
Our Price: $14.99
Hennessy Cognac Black 750ml Martini & Rossi MOSCATO ASTI
Hennessy Black is the highly versatile, decidedly different new Cognac from the worlds leading Cognac house. A delightful celebration of contrasts, intense yet surprisingly delicate and smooth. Hennessy Black enchants with distinct aromas of fresh fruit and white flowers. The cognacs refined elegance conceals an unexpected smoothness. Elegant, floral, and distinctively refined. A fresh cognac with scents of jasmine, daffodils, and orange flowers that are delicately mixed with hints of citrus, honey and fresh grapes. Product Notes:
Martini & Rossi Asti is a fruity sparkling wine made from the finest 'Moscato Bianco' grapes grown in the heart of the prestigious Italian D.O.C.G. area. Top quality ripe grapes from a single variety are fermented once only. The fermentation is stopped at two thirds of its natural sugar potential. The resulting wine is low in alcohol, low in acidity, fresh, fruity and highly aromatic. This sparkling wine is a great partner to fruity desserts, pastry and ice cream. The Martini & Rossi Asti is an excellent social wine. It is best when served fairly cold. Once the bottle has been opened, it should be kept in a bucket with ice


Veteran Owned Small Buisness

Veteran Owned Small Business

Sugarlands Shine apple
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Ciroc Apple Vodka
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Little Krugy
Our Price: $23.99